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Welcome to the

Lord Family History Page

Welcome to the latest update to my modest little family homepage, where you can find the latest information from and about the Lord family and many other surnames related to my family.


Really, the main reason for this page is somewhere to present my research into my family tree and to see if anybody out there can help me in my search for more information.
If you do find something, please E-mail me.

My database file was created using Reunion for the Macintosh,
the best genealogy software on the market.
This site was made using a Macintosh.

One thing I tried to do is keep my pages simple. I designed these pages to look good without a ton of art files, which in turn will make them load faster.
I understand you are here to do research, not wait to see my art files.

What's new to this site
12/22/00 Fixed a few problems.Thanks Cheryl.
New data files coming soon.
11/12/00 New data files posted
The index is now broken down to 5 pages to help them load faster. Let me know what you think
Some of the data files now contain photos.If you want me to add a photo, drop me e-mail.
I have been getting great feedback on our Forum page. If you haven't used it, give it a try
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Coming Soon...
New data files coming, I have even more stuff that I am working on.
I am working with another genealogist to post a book online. It should be a great addition.
Update: He is done typing, and it won't be long now
Nothing else new planned, do you have any ideas.?
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Isn't it amazing, just 2,660,766 to go.

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This page was first posted on Thurs, April 10, 1997, last update on Mon, Nov 19, 2007.
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